AstroYaro Application Development

Project Overview: Zeptcode Technologies crafted “AstroYaro,” a dynamic astrology app for Android and iOS. It offers tailored horoscopes, compatibility insights, tarot readings, and interactive birth chart tools, catering to astrology enthusiasts’ needs.

Key Features: Personalized horoscopes, comprehensive astrological profiles, dynamic compatibility analysis, virtual tarot readings, real-time planetary transits, rich learning resources, interactive birth chart generator, and personalized push notifications.

Role: As the lead mobile app developer, Zeptcode Technologies facilitated seamless Android and iOS development, collaborating with astrologers for precise calculations and interpretations, ensuring an engaging user experience.

Outcome: “AstroYaro” has gained acclaim as a premier astrology app, demonstrating Zeptcode Technologies’ prowess in mobile app development, UI/UX design, and fruitful collaboration, resulting in an enlightening and engaging application.


Develop a Cross Platform Application for AstroYaro

  • Strategy

    A Strong UX, and Expert Developers

  • Design

    Compatible UIUX and Design

  • Client


  • Programming Languages

    Java (Android), Swift (iOS)

  • Development Platforms

    Android Studio (Android), Xcode (iOS)

  • APIs and Libraries

    Astrological calculation libraries, push notification services, chart visualization libraries

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