Product Management Service

At Zeptcode, when we take on a product management process, the first step involves understanding the product itself. A holistic understanding of the various elements of a product, including the services offered and the business process, is required to ideate the best possible solution. Hence, the first aspect that we consider is deploying our expert Business Analysts for engaging in the analysis process. Through close contact and effective communication with our client's process and industry, we are able to establish a process through which the product can be managed. An infrastructure based on constant support is of utmost necessity in this segment of the product management process.

What's Included In The Service?

Understanding of the product

Once the primary understanding of the product such as its market, prices, competitors, processes and other features are ascertained, all ideas to ensure its optimum performance are then explored. This is another key step that is highly client-specific. Prioritization and performance are the key factors to be kept in mind when the deployment process is carried out.



Pre deployment support

We provide end-to-end pre deployment support for all types of products. Our entire process is supported through the latest technology, thereby ensuring global class pre deployment product management quality.



Product roadmap

Drafting a product roadmap is an important part of creating a vision and direction for your product’s offerings over time. It needs to interconnect multiple platforms and data points so that every step of the deployment process remains data specific. We believe that all technical challenges faced along the way can be solved if a secure data bank is always maintained for data analysis. Therefore, we make sure that we handle all your data related to the product, securely and discreetly. And for challenges that are more specific in nature, we employ a large pool of innovative minds.



Crafting a solid step-by-step strategy that is backed by data in each step is what our team is trained to provide.


Standing Out

With years of experience behind our backs, a team of proficient professionals, and a precise understanding of the solution we are offering, we stand out globally as one of the premier providers of product management services.



It is the cycle of feedback and experience that enables us to cater to your specific business needs. We treat our client feedback with absolute urgency and importance and have thus created a pool of multi industry experience within our team, one that can come in handy in any situation. Hence, with Zeptcode, expect solutions to be present even before the problem has arrived.


How We Make It Happen?

Zeptcode is here to handle the Growth !