IoT App Development

Understanding what the future holds and being a part of it are two different things; we understand this. And that is why our IoT processes allow the entire business infrastructure to stay ahead of its time. IoT Devices require cutting-edge support to ensure that they perform to their optimum capacity. Our in-house IoT experts leave no stone unturned to ensure that your IoT product are the best out there. Our tech team has been trained to extract every possible advantage available from the next-gen industrial technology, and thus IoT serves as one of our primary tools in empowering clients with tech that truly transforms.

What's Included In The Service?

Business Pain Point Based IoT Solutions

Creating change through technology is our primary goal, and by understanding every client’s acute pain points we are able to deliver robust solutions.




IoT Driven Market Insight and Research

Understanding the market is as important as understanding the client. We employ state-of-the-art research procedures and ensure the presence of data-centric insights.




Business Process Management Powered Through Technology

Innovating businesses is fun, but ensuring technology led innovation provides success. We integrate machine learning, AI, IoT, and other latest technologies in our services.




Infrastructural Roadmap With IoT Integration Possibilities

We allow you to understand your capabilities so that you never spend frivolously on tech.


Internet of Things now a stable industrial tool

With the Internet of Things now a stable industrial tool for IT and other tech-based companies, the possibilities are truly up to your imagination. Whether you require a self cooking robot, a completely automated application, or even advanced robotics-based solutions; our team holds the expertise to provide it to you.



Tracking the Traffic

Apartment management and visitor management systems are offered by IoT. These systems make life easier by tracking and managing the visitors. They keep a track of all the information of the visitor, visited, and the time of visitation. We can make this happen for you.




Lead a Smart Life

Wearables like fitness trackers and smart watches, will transform your life. Additionally, sensors transmitting biological data for health related issues have revolutionized the healthcare industry. To keep up with a world that is so fast paced with the smart gadgets, we offer IoT solutions for smart homes as well. Zeptcode strives to establish collaborative platforms and allow devices to be integrated into a singular pool – to maximize your potential.



We understand the need to seek evidence for something that sounds too good to be true. Our Proof of Concept (PoC) will help our clients understand that IoT solutions possess the potential for practical application in the world.





It is integral to accommodate IoT solutions in a way that works most efficiently. We at Zeptcode offer IoT solutions that is aimed at making every aspect of your life easier. Thus, we aim to adapt this technology in ways that transform the users’ experience and meet their needs most effectively.


How We Make It Happen?

Zeptcode is here to handle the Growth !