iBeacon App Development

With about 2.5 billion retailers estimated to invest in the iBeacon technology in the next 5 years, the future looks bright. We at Zeptcode make the most out of the tech to facilitate everything from shopping to boarding planes. You name it and we have it covered!

What's Included In The Service?

endless wave

The iBeacon technology provides for an endless wave of location awareness and network signaling. It functions on Bluetooth Low Energy Wireless technology enabling smartphones to truly transform our basic day to day activities.


small and large enterprises

At Zeptcode we offer top-notch iBeacon application development services for small and large enterprises alike. We understand and recognize the need for businesses to incorporate the technology in enhancing user experience and interaction.


positioning application

We make use of indoor positioning application with iBeacon technology to execute support for various iBeacon applications for both iOS and Android devices. Our developers have led to the successful creation of various iBeacon based applications.


data transfer

Our range of services includes application development and customization, data transfer, location-based services, mobile payments, shopping services, and much more.


E-commerce and Retail Shopping

Our iBeacon services help stores track their customer's engagements and give tailored offers. Using this technology, customers can also get the payments and discounts information on their smartphones as soon as they walk into a specific section of the store. iBeacon is also helpful for the visually/physically impaired. It is essential that the customers be delivered an easy yet lasting experience.



Travelling in a new city or a country can be a daunting task. However, be rest assured, for you can now be your own tour guide without ever getting lost. Our iBeacon application would provide for you the complete package for a hassle-free vacation. The developers at Zeptcode have successfully built interactive tour guide applications using the latest iBeacon technology to give our users the holiday they deserve.


Healthcare Solutions

The healthcare industry has been digitally revolutionized in the past decade to a great extent. According to a recent study, health and fitness app usage has grown up to 330% in the past three years. Our iBeacon App Development services are crafted keeping in mind the immense potential of the sector. Electronic Health Records of patients will enable doctors and patients to keep an easy track of things. The capability of ibeacon enables customization and personalization according to to the medical history of a person and enables health care practitioners as well as patients to have the right information. Whether you are a doctor, a nutritionist, a patient or just simply someone curious, we have tailor-made solutions catered specifically for you!


How We Make It Happen?

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