Cost Estimation

In the current business scenario, profit and loss analysis are extremely important to keep track of where your enterprise is heading. Cost estimation is an integral part of its solution.

What's Included In The Service?

Third Party Services

Depending on which third party services a client requires their product to be integrated with, can also play an important role in affecting the cost estimate. For instance, a client may opt for any option or multiple options including Social Networks, Location (Google Maps), Media (Vimeo, YouTube), eCommerce (Payments, Salesforce), Payment Gateways (PayPal, Stripe), etc


Saving Application Data

Another important aspect is saving the application data which also plays a major role in influencing the cost. The available alternatives include a new database, an existing database, cloud database, etc.


Security Aspect

How a client wishes to secure an app is yet another element affecting the cost estimate to a greater extent. If a client aims to curtail the overall cost of an app, the alternative related to standard security measures may be chosen. However, if a client intends not to compromise with the security aspect, the available options include Encrypted Communication and Complete Protection


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